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Beth Fletcher was born in Birmingham in 1981. She studied at Aberystwyth University gaining a BA in 2002 and a MA in 2004, both in Fine Art. Since beginning her degree course she has exhibited in group and solo shows all over Wales and England; from London, Birmingham and Shewsbury to Cardiff and Aberystwyth and Oriel Plas Glyn-y-Weddw.
When living in Wales she would paint the landscape of the estuaries and the Ceredigion coast. Coastal and estuarine motifs recur in her work, embodying the qualities of space, light and movement.

“My working practice consists of interpreting visually a felt experience of landscape, describing a multi-sensory response to the shifting patterns and interactions of light, land and water and translating what I encounter into the fascinating language of paint. For me, painting is much about touch as vision, as much about feeling and memory as conscious thought and decision.”

Beth Fletcher

Green Seashore


Beth Fletcher

Dark Earth Sudden Rain

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