Claremont Contemporary Art is a UK-based gallery with a global perspective. As well as representing some of the finest established and emerging artists currently working in the UK, we like to spread our horizons across the globe to bring an international flavour and ensure that we offer that something a little different. The arts and culture have a unique ability to cross borders and unite people the world over and we would like to hope that we are able to make some contribution in that process.

We have been trading since 1995, initially specialising in the sale of antique furniture in original paint finishes and since 2007 in our current premises in Sevenoaks town centre as a contemporary art gallery for the discerning collector. We believe that with our years of experience in sourcing top quality art, we can make the purchasing process simple and enjoyable and that you will find that every work purchased meets or hopefully exceeds expectations. Many of our artists have won multiple awards and short-listings and a number are featured in museums and important collections around the globe so whether it is a seasoned professional with numerous international solo shows on the CV or a newcomer to the scene, our commitment to quality is assured. In short, if we wouldn’t be happy to hang a piece on the wall at home, it will not be offered for sale.

Anthony Broad. proprietor

We are also passionate about the need to look after the environment and ensure that we take very seriously environmental impact. All packaging materials are recycled as much as possible and we would urge you to do the same on receipt of any products. We need to look after our planet and in our experience, lovers of art are generally lovers of the natural world. As Van Gogh said…”I have nature, art, and poetry…if that is not enough, what is?”

We also offer skilled framing and restoration services. Please enquire.


I’ve been round loads of galleries in London and this is the first one I’ve really responded to.

SC / London

Such a great gallery….and gallerist.

Terence Clarke / Artist

I just opened them. I love them beyond words. BEYOND!!! All four. I cannot express how much I adore them. Thank you…..!!!!

AS / Charlottesville, USA

Love the works I received

KP / Canada

It’s arrived all safe and sound…thank you so much we both love it

EW / Berkshire

I walk past the gallery every day and you have some of the best art I’ve ever seen

RW / Sevenoaks